As well as “Yakiniku USHIGORO”,
we only use the Japanese black wagyu.

Wine goes well with top quality meat.
We at USHIGORO Bambina hope
that you will enjoy the combination of grilled meat and wine.

– 3 Stories of USHIGORO Bambina –

The grand sum of Bambina produced by Yakiniku USHIGORO over three floors.

A new style for the increasingly cosmopolitan world of Shibuya
USHIGORO Bambina Shibuya Branch (Yakiniku and Bar).

The USHIGORO Bambina Shibuya Branch (Yakiniku and Bar)
creates a varied atmosphere over three floors.

On the first floor, you can casually enjoy small-plate dishes
and meat chunks with your friends in a standing bar.
On the second  oor, you can fully enjoy the quality of USHIGORO Bambina seated at tables.
On the third  oor, you can experience the ultimate comfort
in private and semi-private cubicles.

The atmosphere becomes more intimate as you climb the floors.
The large expansive windows on each  oor carry seasonal landscapes
such as evening cherry blossoms in spring and moonlit nights in fall.
USHIGORO Bambina Shibuya Branch (Yakiniku and Bar)
– a place where you can always  nd the best story for every possible situation.

Based on the concept of “The Best Flavors at Reasonable Prices,”
We promise you post-meal wonder through overwhelming “cost performance.”

Shibuya Xe building, 16-9, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Mon., Tue. 17:00~23:30
Wed. – Fri. 11:30~14:30/17:00~23:30
Sat. Sun. Hol. 11:30~14:30/16:00~23:30
1F 10 (standing)/2F 32seats /3F 32seats
2 minutes’ walk from JR & Ginza line Shibuya sta.
3 minutes’ walk from Hanzomon line Shibuya sta.
3 minutes’ walk from Fukutoshin line Shibuya sta.
2 minutes’ walk from Inogashira line Shibuya sta.